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Birth of Android 6.0 Marshmallow

By: Navtej Kohli |
August 18 2015 8:05

Our ScoreNavtej Kohli Marshmallow Pre Launch Review Google has unveiled that the latest variant of its product, aforesaid called humanoid M, are alluded to as […]

Bing’s Mapping Assets Acquired by Uber

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 30 2015 8:01

Our ScoreNavtej Kohli on Bing Map Acquisition by Uber Uber has declared that its accomplishment resources from Microsoft Bing, together with around one hundred information […]

Why Facebook Reconfiguring News Feed Integration

By: Navtej Kohli |
April 23 2015 6:23

Our ScoreNavtej kohli Reports Facebook News Feed Relaunch Facebook beforehand expressed Tues it completely was reconfiguring its News Feed, in a greatly move proposed for […]

American and British Agencies Hacking Users SIM

By: Navtej Kohli |
February 20 2015 7:45

Our ScoreIt’s just a precaution, Navtej Kohli wants to ask the reader that, your mobile might be traced by someone else living far who knows […]

Sochi 2014, Gay Protest & Google Doodle What

By: Navtej Kohli |
February 7 2014 6:46

Our ScoreNavtej Kohli Inc. is welcoming the winter Olympic game Sochi 2014 and covering here what’s challenges this Russian winter Olympics was faced during the […]

CES 2014 : Fingertip Technologies Showcase

By: Navtej Kohli |
January 6 2014 5:27

Our ScoreChip-maker Nvidia has declared a brand new processor destined for mobile devices that it says can supply higher graphics than the Xbox three60 and […]

Google First Asian Data Center

By: Navtej Kohli |
December 12 2013 4:32

Our ScoreNavtej Kohli dig finds a new step taken by Google for its vision to exploring the Asian market, Launch of new Data center in […]

Apple $200m Deal for Topsy

By: Navtej Kohli |
December 3 2013 7:25

Our ScoreNavtej Kohli Inc always appreciates innovative ideas and creation brings by small entrepreneurs and also like to report acquisition of small companies by large […]

E-Commerce Solutions: Payment Gateway and Shopping

By: Navtej Kohli |
January 5 2012 1:57

Our ScoreNavtej kohli Inc. is an E-Commerce company that has been providing software solutions to clients across the globe for over a decade now. Navtej […]

CRM/ eCRM Development and Integration By Navtej Ko

By: Navtej Kohli |
January 5 2012 1:41

Our ScoreMost companies have realized that CRM software not only makes business activities work smoother and faster but is also is a key for winning […]