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Data mining is a an integral part of any organization’s IT infrastructure and enables the leaders to make sound business decisions. Companies having a large collection of data that gets accumulated on a daily basis somewhat look at it as a liability since it would take up a lot of resources to analyses and make it useful. But with the advance Data Mining technologies, old bulk data can be stored in more conceptualized way. Not only does that save the memory but it makes it manageable.

Navtej kohli Inc. provides advanced Data mining and warehousing services. Data mining is considered as knowledge discovery from the DBMS and involves artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics and database systems. The aim is to provide data in more conceptual way such can be easy to understand as well as the one that takes less time to process. In a layman’s language we can say that its a data conversion technique from bulk unstructured data to humanly-understandable structure either in pie chart, graphs or any other way. While manipulating bulk data, some other technologies are also involve which make it a perfect data mining systems (eg) database and data management, data preprocessing, model and inference considerations, interestingness metrics, complexity considerations, post-processing of found structure, visualization and online updating.

Navtej kohli Inc. understands the data need of enterprises especially when its old and has unnecessary information thereby occupying large space. At Navtej Kohli Inc. we use the advanced Data mining techniques and such data can be usable for consumer focused activities like retail industry , financial institutions’ communications, and marketing organizations. Also for product positioning, price, staff placement, customer demographics, competition, and economic indicators. Also this is very helpful in increasing the sales, to gain customer satisfaction and to improve corporate profiles.

These days big online websites reap the data mining benefits such as news portals. There are several major data mining techniques that have been developed and are used in data mining projects recently including association, classification, clustering, prediction and sequential patterns. We will briefly examine those data mining techniques with relevant examples to have a good overview of them.

Navtej kohli Inc. Data mining technology works on different types of methods which makes it useful by using the association, classifications, clustering, Prediction and Sequential Patterns. Lets understand our techniques for representing the data .


Navtej Kohli Inc. uses the techniques of association for representing the data which is the not only simple but also saves time to analyze. Association process is a relationship between the two products on the transaction or sale basis. Retail shops use data for analysis, lets say for, frequently purchased items and thus try to make available both products at the same place


Classification is the method of grouping the product or classifying the product according to their quality or specialty. It works on the artificial machine learning intelligence which make grouping and ordering of the product as well making the selection easy. Few matrices are used for such data mining techniques like decision trees, neural network, statistics and linear programming. An example of classification is the baggage system which is used on many airports for checking and delivering the baggage.


By using the automatic system a cluster can be created on the objects characteristics. Clustering is similar as Classification except that its also defines a class and puts all the objects in it, in such a way that bulk selection is possible . Like in a library, a librarian uses the cluster method to keep all the books in such a way that books on the particular topic or writer can be found easily.


Prediction is a technique that analyses the relationships between independent variables and correlates it with dependent and independent variable. Example: if we take sale as independent variable and profit as a dependent variable, than we can draw fitted regression curves which is used for profit prediction.

Sequential Patterns

Its a technique which analyses similar patterns in data transaction in a business period as well as it can be compared with the uncover patterns used for further business analysis and recognizing the relationships among non relational data.