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Google 10th Birthday Logo

Navtej kohli missed to wish the Google on its tenth Birthday. Decades had past when Google was stared on 7 September 1998 which was first run by two enthusiastic, dedicated techie named Larry Page and Sergey Brin and they stared Google journey in a garage. There is also be an interesting story for choosing that name , its was named by two young Stanford University electrical engineering graduate students in misspell homage to the word “googol” – an infinity-like number denoting 10 to the power of 100 (that’s the number one followed by a hundred zeros).

Google had reached in that position by its rapid growth which never be accompany by any other Industry. But Google journey was started before

1998 , in 1995 Larry Page and Sergey Brin meet at Stanford. (Larry, 24,a U Michigan grad, is considering the school; Sergey, 23, is assigned to show him around.) According to some accounts, they disagree about most everything during this first meeting. Now in the year of 1996 both Larry and Sergey collecting the students for making a search engine called BackRub for the Stanford university and worked near about one year in the servers in the 1996 year they make up their mind to make a Global search engine and named it “googol,” in the year 1997.

When the company was stated its was zero revenue company and now had reached upto 20,000 employees and revenue of around $150bn and its annual income in the year 1997 was $16bn. Now according to statically data now Google shared 66 percent of total searches. Now only search area in which Google had left its footprints but now its growing its features and launched many other things which not only informative but also best source for promoting business across the world .So what should we have to expect with Google .

Now Google also enters into the utility software with the launch of Google Chrome and had downloaded by many users across the world .Currently it is in Beta version but Google is in big hope soon its will share major parts in the web browser tools across the world . Chrome is Google product which now be in competition with Internet explorer , Mozila and Safari . Currently its launch for only Windows Vista and XP users .Google claiming that for those 70 percent Internet

Explorer users across the world at least check out one time Google Chrome , its Google gift on its 10 anniversary to all Internet users , everyone can enjoy fast and secure web surfing with Google Chrome never offered by any other web browser .

While there are many product are in Google owner ship which are now very popular and big reputation in the market. Like first we Look , Google search which be Google main task and its also offered many verities like image search , product search, video search. Google had makes successful mile stone in the SEM and Internet Market and leaving behind internet tycoon Yahoo. Now the Google dominating in SEM and Internet Marketing with its Google Adsense , Google Adwords ,froogle, Google product search , Local search and other business related search option . Google also acquire a big video search company which having big brad name in the Internet Industry , its name is Youtube. Youtube now very popular and most searchable video search engine . Google also dominating Social networking websites. Orkut now very popular and almost 70 person of the world having a profile on the Orkut. Now Goggle also boost many traveling agencies and other business with Google Earth and Google maps which enable user to find each and every location across the world . Yet Google Earth also faced many criticizes from many countries government because it also show easily many curial and important location by easy search and many government feels that its be hazardous for security.

But its be unreliable thing that before 10 years ago Google was launched and now its dominating in web browsing. Some major events Google listed below

1995 – Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin meet at Stanford University.

January 1996 – Page and Brin begin work on the BackRub search engine.

15 September 1997 – Google.com domain name registered.

7 September 1998 – The first incarnation of the Google search engine is launched.

2000 – The company starts selling keyword-related advertising.

– The Google News service is introduced, inspired by the 11 September

attacks on the US. A UK-specific version is added two years later.

2003 – Google moves to its Mountain View campus, where it is still based. It has since become known as the ‘Googleplex’.

2004 – Google launches GMail, known as Google Mail in the UK.

19 August 2004 – The company floats on the stock market.

2006 – The verb ‘to Google’ added to the Oxford English Dictionary for the first time.

October 2006 – Google buys YouTube for $1.65bn (about £880m) in stock options.

November 2007 – Google forms the Open Handset Alliance to work on the Google Android project.

September 2008 – Chrome, Google’s first web browser, is launched.

Google also cheer its 10th anniversary with people across the world with its new birthday celebration section.
Navtej Kohli missed to wish the Google but now Navtej Kohli Inc.want to say Belated Happy Birthday to Google and hope another 10 ten Google will brings many things for amazing the world.