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When Navtej Kohli heard about the plight of poor farm children in Costa Rica, he felt compelled to do something about it. After all, as a boy growing up in New Delhi, India, he’d seen plenty of hardship himself. And as an adult, Costa Rica had become a splendid new place for him to

Kohli had learned that with perseverance and opportunity, any rough circumstance in life could be overcome. And he has spent his adult life spreading that example to others.

As the founder of the Navtej Kohli , he has spent the past four years providing educational and other aid to needy children. In fact,
he has watched the foundation’s outreach programs grow from helping a dozen Costa Rican youth at first, to 72 and now more than 125 students. With well over $150,000 of his own funds already invested in providing everything from school supplies to soccer fields, he is reaching back to help those less fortunate than himself.

“Having come from India to create my own life across the planet, I know that there’s a world of opportunity out there for children, if people will only take the time to help them,” says Kohli. “When a child’s life is made better, their whole life will go better, and they will pay it forward someday as well.”