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Data Mining and Data Warehousing by Navtej Kohli I

By: Navtej Kohli |
January 5 2012 0:38

Our ScoreData mining is a an integral part of any organization’s IT infrastructure and enables the leaders to make sound business decisions. Companies having a […]

Navtej Kohli Blog- WordPress Founder Says Everythi

By: Navtej Kohli |
November 15 2011 3:59

Our ScoreWelcome to Navtej Kohli blog. This post talks about the WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg who likes everything that is open source. Founder of the […]

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Apple iPad – a Hit or a Miss?

By: Navtej Kohli |
February 1 2010 5:32

Our ScoreA review of Apple iPad on Navtej Kohli blog. After 5 long years of hype and anticipation, the apple iPad is finally here. While […]

Google Launch new Browser Chrome

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 23 2009 3:05

Our ScoreNavtej Kohli welcoming Google new Browser Chrome and just discussing various issue and experts view. Yet its true that Firefox and Internet Explorer dominating […]

Google 10th anniversary Belated Happy Birthday Goo

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 23 2009 2:59

Our Score Navtej kohli missed to wish the Google on its tenth Birthday. Decades had past when Google was stared on 7 September 1998 which […]

Internet altering human emotions – Navtej Ko

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 23 2009 1:19

Our ScoreThe web is changing the very nature of intimacy, emotion and dating, says a new study. An audit of online dating sites as part […]

Navtej Kohli – What’s Running

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 23 2009 1:14

Our ScoreEver wonder if your PC is keeping secrets from you? Wonder no more. The utility ‘What’s Running’ reveals all your system’s active processes, services, […]

Navtej Kohli Gives Top 5 Elements for Good SEO

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 23 2009 0:09

Our ScoreHow you can get your site ranked – Navtej Kohli 1. Crawler Reachability: All the search engines have their crawlers who visit the website […]

Needs & Expectations of Web Readers/Audiences

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 23 2009 0:01

Our ScoreYesterday, I was explaining my new content writer Shaila about the writing style that we ( I mean most of the online community) prefer […]

Searching for Something?

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 22 2009 21:49

Our ScoreI’ve been reading a few more SEO blogs lately. I like to be part of the community on these sites, and I usually make […]