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Data Mining and Data Warehousing by Navtej Kohli I

By: Navtej Kohli |
January 5 2012 0:38

Our ScoreData mining is a an integral part of any organization’s IT infrastructure and enables the leaders to make sound business decisions. Companies having a […]

Navtej Kohli Blog- WordPress Founder Says Everythi

By: Navtej Kohli |
November 15 2011 3:59

Our ScoreWelcome to Navtej Kohli blog. This post talks about the WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg who likes everything that is open source. Founder of the […]

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Scientists discover traces of ancient Martian ocea

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 14 2010 4:25

Our ScoreIn a recent study scientist have come up with a new evidence supporting the theory that a vast ocean covered much of the Martian […]

Apple iPad – a Hit or a Miss?

By: Navtej Kohli |
February 1 2010 5:32

Our ScoreA review of Apple iPad on Navtej Kohli blog. After 5 long years of hype and anticipation, the apple iPad is finally here. While […]

Google Launch new Browser Chrome

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 23 2009 3:05

Our ScoreNavtej Kohli welcoming Google new Browser Chrome and just discussing various issue and experts view. Yet its true that Firefox and Internet Explorer dominating […]

Google 10th anniversary Belated Happy Birthday Goo

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 23 2009 2:59

Our Score Navtej kohli missed to wish the Google on its tenth Birthday. Decades had past when Google was stared on 7 September 1998 which […]

A step closer to Quantum Computers – Navtej

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 23 2009 2:40

Our ScoreAccording to the recent research conducted by University of Surrey complex computer encryption codes could be solved and new drug design could be developed […]

Testing your PPC campaign

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 23 2009 1:44

Our ScoreIf you wish to commence a major SEO effort, a PPC campaign is your sure shot ticket to success. Navtej Kohli gives some simple […]

Navtej Kohli – Windows XP SP3 is on the way

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 23 2009 1:40

Our ScoreNavtej Kohli has a good news for Windows XP users… Microsoft has recently announced that Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) has been released […]

RIM to launch touch-screen BlackBerry in Q3

By: Navtej Kohli |
June 23 2009 1:32

Our ScoreNavtej Kohli blog brings another scoop from the IT world. According to certain reports RIM is planning to launch a phone named Thunder. This […]