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Navtej Kohli

New Philanthropy Rules

More and more these days, I’m seeing philanthropic sites pop up. Whether they’re dedicated to the environment, poverty, education or a combination of all three, these sites are a great way of getting the philanthropic message into the public eye and yet another way.

Call it what you like, charity, philanthropy or donations-based causes often need all the publicity they can get. People are often skeptical of philanthropists, believing that most are “in it for the attention” or that they money raised is being spent on advertising, “expenses” or other things not directly helping people.

am passionate about philanthropy: I believe that helping others is an important part of how we build and maintain a structured society. Thus,
I was pleased to come across
this list yesterday that features six prominent philanthropic sites.

My favourite in this list is probably “Donor Choose” because it focuses on education. Education is a large part of breaking the poverty cycle, and
my life is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for impoverished children in South America.