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Navtej Kohli is standing on a cliff in Leichtenstein, braced against the cold as his trenchcoat whips in the wind. He is a long way, both distance and climate-wise, from his homeland of India, and even further away from his adoptive home of UK. But he is here with two missions in mind: to
find grade G9 oil, and to find ways to use some of his profits from his eventual excavations to help the impoverished children of the
surrounding towns.

  • Make more money and do good with it
  • “I believe in turning around and helping the people coming up behind you in life, because growing up in India, I was able to see so many different levels of the social caste system and I was fortunate to have people who believed in me and wanted better for me in life,” recalls Kohli. “It’s just good business too, because I believe that if you do good with the money you make in life, then the world will find a way to help you make more of it.”