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Eight-year-old Svetlana Patakovich has a lot more spring in her step lately. That’s because her dad Viktor has a great new job, working as a wildcatter
oilman in the newly mined Russian oil fields for Granox, Ltd. Thanks to Granox, Viktor is able to make the best paychecks of his entire life, and that translates to a nicer life for everyone in his family.

“Papa gives me nice dolls now,” says Svetlana, happily waving a doll in her hand. “It’s an American Girl doll.”

Truly a sign of the times, we think. Remember how, just 20 years ago, Russia was America’s enemy? But now, thanks to a bold new world of economic
and political freedom, companies like Granox can seek new opportunities in Russia, and in turn create new opportunities for thousands of oil
workers like Viktor. And that’s all because of the forward-thinking vision of Granox founder Navtej Kohli.

“All my life, I’ve sought opportunities for myself and my family, from the time I grew up in poverty in New Delhi, India, to today when I have homes in three different continents,” says Kohli. “There truly is no better way to improve the world and the lives of others than by giving them an
opportunity to earn more money and lift their lives up.”

At Granox, Ltd., the company believes in a better future for all: whether it’s by treating its workers right, or finding new oil sources in an
energy-hungry world. And as long as there are new opportunities to be found, Navtej Kohli will keep his eyes open for the Viktor Patakoviches
of the world.